Cleethorpes Camera Club

Whether you're interested in PhotographyOr VideoOr maybe your undecidedWe have something for everybody

We have four meetings a week.

Monday Morning Group.10:00 am until 12:30 pm. 

Bank Holidays Monday meetings are moved to the immediate Tuesday Morning.                   

Tuesday Evening Digital Section. 7:30 pm until 10pm.

Thursday Evening Video Section 7:30pm until 10pm.

Friday Evening 7:30pm until 10pm.

The Monday Group is probably unique in the area as it runs from 10:00 am until 12:30 pm.

Click here to see or download the club programme 

  We not only cover Photography, but Video, in fact we are the only club in the area that has a Video Section and we meet on a Thursday Evening. We pride ourselves on being a friendly open club and welcome all comers from beginners to professionals. We do not run courses, we are a meeting place for those with an interest in Photography and Video.

  So if you're interested why not come along. You can try us out for free for a few visits before deciding whether to join us or not. We look forward to seeing you.

The Club House is located at the bottom of a short driveway built between

49 and 51 Reynold Street Cleethorpes

DN35 7TU

Roy M AFD 3



Friday Group

Photograph of the Year 2016


Mike Bennett

Light Tunnel

Blue Light Tunnel

Tuesday Group

Photograph of the Year 2016


Mike Bennett 

Long Jumper Chris Tomlinson

Long Jumper

Monday Group 

Photograph of the Year 2016


Diane Seddon         

1st Stairway Val Butler


Monday Group 

Photograph of the Year 2015


Val Butler

Roy M AFD 2


Roy M AV

 RPS AV News Banner

Lincolnshire Photographic Association



 MG 6228 R

 MG 6242 R

CCC Exhibition Wall A R- 2016

seafront (1 of 1)

A Touch Of Colour

Paul N AFD 1

101 Airborne

the falcons

men on patrol

Paul N AFD 14

Paul N AFD 15

CCC Exhibition Wall B R - 2016

IMG 8113


IMG 8246

John F AFD-9

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