CCC Members with an interest in AV’s meet on the last Saturday of the month. These are very hands on meetings so bring a laptop with you.

A Personal Journey



 I am interested in all types of photography but my main interest is in AV. In 2015  Bev and I attended the PAGB AV assessment day in Steventon to see how things worked and the standards required. Then, in September 2015  we were at the RPS National AV Championships at Stafford. As a fairly new entrant at national level, I had put a couple of sequences into the competition to see how I would get on. I bumped into a couple of senior figures in the AV world who were very supportive and suggested I submit work to the RPS for assessment at LRPS level.

 I decided I would apply so, soon after,  we went to the RPS headquarters in Bath where I was successful in my application. Flushed with success I decided to apply for the PAGB/ AV distinctions.  I was successful and obtained my CPAGB/AV in Oxfordshire in May 2016. The event was so popular that it was held over two days. I decided to try my luck at ARPS level in October 2016. This was a much tougher challenge. The RPS has an advisory function which I took advantage of. I submitted six AVs for anonymous critique by a member of the Distinctions panel. I got useful advice, but I was not told which  sequences were  most likely to succeed. I made some alterations where I had agreed with the advice and nervously selected three AVs. We duly attended Bath in October 2016.

As a mature person I was surprised at how nervous we both felt. The day began with a successful application for LRPS. My application was next up as the first of five applications for ARPS. I was really pleased that my agony would be soon be over. I was surprised at the degree of detailed analysis that the five adjudicators used in making their determination. I was surprised and delighted that despite an intense critique, my submission was successful.

It is not necessary to attend at your assessment, but I feel it gives you an insight into what the assessors are looking for and the difficulties that they face in coming to a decision. The process of thinking about, and applying for a distinction is a personal journey of learning. By submitting your work for scrutiny, you run the risk of having your ego dented. It was stressful attending these events, but in my case, I felt that it was worth the effort. I am not so sure that I would be as enthusiastic if I had not succeeded. I think it is worth having a go but I would advise attending similar events first so that you understand the standards and process involved. I think it is important to be philosophical about your chances and be prepared to have another go if at first you don't succeed.

The PAGB put out a call for submissions for an AV assessment in 2017. I expressed an interest straight away, but sadly there were not sufficient applications to make it feasible this year. AV workers need to think about applying for distinctions to the RPS or PAGB or they might cease to exist due to apathy.

There will be a multimedia distinctions assessment day on Friday 27th October 2017 at the RPS in Bath. I hope that AV workers will start thinking about applying.


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