A Brief History


Cleethorpes Camera Club was founded by a few people who originally met at the house of one of the members and then later met above a café in Cleethorpes Market Place. In 1956 the membership reached 41.  At this time new premises for meetings were sought and in 1957 the Club moved to the Adult School in St Hugh’s Avenue in Cleethorpes. 


The next meeting place was at The Bethel Mission in Tiverton Street Cleethorpes when the membership reached 31. 


The Club moved again, this time to Beaconthorpe Church in Grimsby Road Cleethorpes and by 1969 the membership stood at 47.


The Club moved to the 1st Cleethorpes Group Scout Hut (The Sea Scouts) in Beacon Court off Clee Road Cleethorpes the membership was around 56. 


The Club purchased the property at the Rear of 51/53 Reynolds Street Cleethorpes, formerly the Kingdom Hall of The Jehova’s Witnesses. Membership was up and down over the next 20 years with an average of 38. In 1994 it reached an all-time low of just 15. 


January of this year saw the Club amalgamated with the Grimsby and District Society of Photographic Arts (GADSOPA) this increased the  membership to a healthy 69. 

 Three Sections were then formed.

 Photographic Section for Prints and Slides was on a Monday Evening, Thursday  Evening was the video Section and Friday Evening the Cine/Slide Section. 

In the year 2004 Digital Photography was starting to replace 35mm slides and prints from 35mm film so a Digital Stills Section was arranged, meeting monthly on a Wednesday Evening. By April of 2004 this had increased to 2 evenings a month and in September 2005 it was decided to hold a Digital Stills Evening every Tuesday. 

Also in September 2005 the Cine/Slide Section who were producing Video Films in favour of Cine Films changed the groups name to the Film/Slide Section. 

In October 2006 The Photographic Section had dwindled to only 3 members so it was decided to discontinue the Section altogether and its members started to attend the Digital and Film/Slide Sections instead. Membership has averaged 50 per year. In 2008 the Club started entering  competitions run by The Lincolnshire Photographic Association and attained a degree of success.


The Monday Morning Group was set up as a branch of the Digital Section to cater for those people who preferred to attend a day time meeting.


In January the Film/Slide Section was renamed the Multi Media Section in order to better reflect the activities of the group.


In the December of 2011 the Club successfully applied for a grant from the “Awards for All Big Lottery Fund” and we were awarded £10,000 to replace the rotting wooden floor in the Main Hall and install a Disabled Toilet.  At the same time and at the Club’s expense we renewed/replaced all the electrics and wiring, added a new heating system and converted the old Darkroom into a Tuition Room. The project was started in April 2012 and completed in August 2012. 


During October the  Multi Media Section was renamed  to The Friday Section to reflect the fact that Digital Photography was the only interest being pursed by the group members.


In mid 2014 we became a member of the North and East Midlands Photographic Federation (NEMPF). During October the Monday Group became a Section in its own right and is now known as the Monday Section. 


A second Studio Group was set up January they meet on the second Wednesday of each month. January also saw the start of the Audio Visual Group which meet on the last Saturday of each month. The current membership for the Club stands around 78.

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